kelly-clarkson-435Guess what, Kelly Clarkson doesn’t care what you think about her weight!


So what does Kelly Clarkson think about twitter trolls?  She doesn’t care what you think about her especially her weight. She says it’s a free world and people can say what they want…it doesn’t faze her. I personally think she looks great and her new album is killer…it’s on track for the #1 spot on the billboard charts. More from Kelly talking about Twitter trolls at


Are you a co-parent with your ex…if things aren’t going as you want them too, actor Taye Diggs has a great motto for co-parenting! See what he has to say courtesy of


The announcement of another Toy Story movie was super exciting, but according to Pixar President Jim Morris, the upcoming sequel won’t even REALLY be a sequel! Whereas the first three movies were always tied to the relationship the toys had with Andy — leading them to their adventures — Toy Story 4 will pretty much abandon that device, turning the movie into a love story! Perez Hilton has more HERE




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