Hate searching for your phone charger? You may not have to look any further than your coffee table.

Coming this April to IKEA stores in both Europe and North America, furniture that wirelessly charges your phone.

The Swedish furniture company has partnered with Wireless Power Consortium, incorporating Qi wireless device chargers into a new HomeSmart line. Qi is already available in thousands of hotels and airports worldwide, so it’s tried and tested. Qi is also supported by Samsung in its latest handset, the S6.

The HomeSmart pieces will be lamps, desks, coffee tables and bedside tables that will charge devices that are placed on or near the furniture. There will also be a Qi pad that you can add to any surface.

ikea 3

The bad? They are warning us that if have a recent phone from Apple, Samsung, or LG, you’ll need an adaptor or “charging cover” as the furniture likely won’t support charging on its own. Since most people that would buy charging furniture would probably have a newer phone this seems like a pretty big flaw. They are saying the adaptors should be fairly inexpensive but it seems like an annoying extra step.

The other possible bad? Environmental group Friends of the Earth is questioning how recyclable the furniture line will end up being because of how hard it is to separate the tech and the battery from the furniture. 

Ikea said in a statement that its wireless charging products are “easy to fraction at end of life” and, “By adding wireless charging to home and office furniture, we minimise the amount of separate chargers needed.”