PLUS: Ashley Judd is fighting back and Jessie J cancels shows


Ashley Judd is fighting back (its also the way you could describe the plot of 97% of the movies on her IMDB page. But she’s fighting back for real this time even getting the police involved after she was threatened and verbally attacked by a twitter troll last week after she tweeted about a March Madness game. More from DLISTED.com


You may or may not have heard about Elton John’s boycott of Dolce and Gabana after the designers called children born to IVF “synthetic.” Stefano Gabana took the public feud to a whole new level calling Elton a “fascist” for the boycott…Here’s the thing, have you not seen that episode of Will and Grace where Elton is revealed to be the head of the gay mafia? You don’t mess with Elton john! POPSUGAR.com has the full story!



JESSIE J has had to cancel her remaining shows in Australia due to a sudden illness and she’s been medically advised to rest to make sure she’s better…Most fans tweeted support and love to her but others not so much as this is the second time in a row she’s had to cancel shows in Australia due to illness. Though Australian fans will get a lot more of her now that she’s the newest coach on THE VOICE Australia. More from PEREZHILTON.com