Pop singer Magnus Carlsson was singing a song on “Melodifestivalen,” a Swedish singing competition as an attempt to enter The Eurovision Song Contest. But it was Tommy Krångh doing his sign language interpretation that everyone is talking about. 

Even though this is the sixth year that Krångh and his colleagues have been signing Melodifestivalen for deaf viewers on Sweden’s public service broadcaster, SVT, this is the first time that the world seems to have caught on to their theatrical flare.

Winning best quote is College Humor with, “In the world of sign language, this man is Michael Jackson.”

Sadly, Magnus Carlsson didn’t do so well. He came in ninth out of only 12 entries. But the reponse to Krångh has been insane!

‘It´s been absolutely amazing,’ he told MailOnline. ‘I´ve been love-bombed from a thousands of people. People are even proposing to marry me. This is something I could never imagine. It’s a once in lifetime experience after being a signer for so many years. I love that sign language gets so much attention at the moment.’ 

Even though Måns Zelmerlöw won the contest with his song, “Heroes,” there’s even a petition asking to send Krångh to represent Sweden in Vienna for Eurovision later this year.