Kyle and Danielle Williams had a total surprise on March 3rd. After 9 months of waiting for their baby girl to arrive…she ended up being a HE!

Like most parents these days, they’d had an ultrasound back in October and were told they were expecting a second daughter who they’d decided to name Charlee. But, when Kyle peeked over the curtain during Charlee’s c-section.

“I was speechless and couldn’t believe my eyes,” Kyle told The Huffington Post. “I had been up 24 hours and thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.”

He was speechless but finally told Danielle, “Well there’s a bit of a surprise.”

Danielle finally found out what that surprise was when the doctor gave his congratulations on her baby boy. “She was in disbelief and thought we were all joking,” Kyle recalled.

Now for the fun part – how to tell the rest of the family! This is the video they made sharing the surprise news with everyone.

I have to say the best is when Danielle’s mother Linda Monday-Jones changes the baby’s diaper. The feels!

Welcome to the world Bentley Thomas Williams. Surprise or not, your family is very happy you’re here.