G&T popsicle
Okay, spring may have suffered a bit of a setback this week but that doesn’t mean we can’t think positive and start dreaming about patio drinks. Or, in this case, patio popsicles!
One of the more refreshing drinks of summer is an old fashioned Gin & Tonic. And, hey, with the quinine in the tonic you won’t get malaria. It’s medicinal! We’re just thinking of your health.
Plus, when I think refreshing, I think cucumber. So why not combine these two delicious summertime favourites and freeze them on a stick!
  • 3 cups tonic
  • 1½ oz gin
  • ¼ lime, juiced
  • ½ cup cucumber slices
  1. Mix together tonic, gin and lime juice.
  2. Place cucumber slices in popsicle moulds, then pour in tonic mix. Freeze.

That’s it. Seriously. You’ll probably want to give yourself the night to let them freeze because do it in the morning and you’ll spend the whole day checking to see if they’re done yet.

I know it’s tempting to add more gin because…1½ oz?!? C’mon, that’s barely a taste! Problem is that booze doesn’t freeze that well so add any more than than and you’ll be enjoying Cucumber Gin & Tonic slush instead of a popsicle.