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Are you stuck on picking a name for you soon to be born baby…These 20 names could help you!


Unisex baby names are all the rage right now (do people still say that?). Names that were once just for nicknames are becoming popular as parents choose shorter and more modern names for their kids. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration with unisex baby names, or simply can’t be bothered picking out two names when you could just settle on one, check out these 20 unisex baby names for inspiration:


Below are the top 10!


#1: Alex This is one of the better known unisex baby names and means ‘defending men’. It comes from Alexander or Alexis, but is now often chosen as a name in its own right. The shortening of ‘Alexandra’, ‘Alexia’ and ‘Alexis’ to Alex has also made it popular as a modern baby girl’s name.


#2: Avery Originally a last name, Avery has become increasingly common as a first name for both boys and girls. This English name means ‘ruler of the elves’ and has grown in popularity over recent years. This is often considered to be an elegant name.


#3: Blake If you’re looking for uber stylish unisex baby names, you can’t go wrong with Blake. Traditionally seen as a male name, Blake rose up the name charts for girls in 2013, and remains a popular choice for boys. English in origin, it surprisingly means both ‘fair haired’ and ‘dark’.


#4: Charlie: Is a great option for a unisex name. Traditionally seen as a nickname for ‘Charles’, this name has now taken the world by storm. After years of being used as a friendly nickname for ‘Charlotte’, Charlie is now considered a girl’s name in its own right.


#5: Ellis: A Welsh name and means ‘benevolent’. This name is a beautiful choice for both genders. Emily Bronte wrote under the name ‘Ellis Bell’ at a time when female authors were not taken as seriously as their male counterparts. Since then, the name has become a more popular name for baby girls.


#6: Emery This sophisticated name is German, and means ‘industrious’ or ‘hard-working’. It works well for both boys and girls, and has a very elegant feel. It can be shortened to ‘Em’ which is a cute nickname for both genders.


#7: Finley This name comes from Irish and Scottish origin, and is believed to mean ‘fair haired hero’. It is traditionally a Royal name. Most commonly used as a male name, Finley is now becoming a popular choice for baby girls with many parents choosing unisex baby names for their daughters.


#8: Frankie:  Arguably one of the cooler unisex baby names out there. Traditionally a nickname for Frances/Francis, Latin names that means ‘free man’. Frankie works for both boy and girls, and is pretty evenly distributed between the sexes at the moment.


#9: Hayden: This traditionally English girls’ name means ‘heather-grown hill’ and is a cute name to choose if you want a subtle nod towards nature. The same name for boys means ‘fire’. This unisex name has enjoyed a boost in popularity in recent years, and works well for both sexes.


#10: Jesse: Is a Hebrew name and means ‘gift’. Traditionally seen as a male name, Jesse is now a popular choice for baby girls too. Jessie has traditionally been used as a nickname for Jessica, but now that nicknames are popular as first names, Jesse is considered a viable option for a little girl’s name.


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