Five Bike Helmets That Don’t Look Stupid

The talk around the water cooler today is about bike laws in Winnipeg. Should it be mandatory for all cyclists to wear a helmet? Personally I always thought this was already a law in Winnipeg, but turns out that isn’t the case. In fact, it’s only been since 2013 that people under 18 have had to wear a bike helmet.

Why should I wear a helmet?

Supporters of helmet laws say it’s the best way to protect your noggin if you take a tumble off your bike. We’re not talking about getting struck by a car (though a helmet is better than nothing). If you are out for a leisurely cruise and take one of the city’s bumpy, pothole-riddled streets, there’s a good chance you could wipe out and a helmet could help you.

Why shouldn’t I wear a helmet?

Groups opposed to bike helmets say it creates a financial barrier for cyclists. If everyone was legally required to wear a helmet, they might choose to not cycle period since helmets can be expensive.

Helmet Style

If one of the reasons you don’t want to wear a helmet is because you think they don’t look cool, here are a few options you might want to check out.

Rib Cap

This style is great if you’re a cyclist, hipster, or both! The slouch beanie look is cool and conceals the fact that you’re cool enough to worry about protecting your head from an unexpected meeting with the pavement.

Yakkay Tokyo Pink Jazz Hat

Yakkay Tokyo Pink Jazz
Are you riding your bike or on your way to an elegant tea party? Oh, both you say? Great! This helmet is fun-looking but doubles as some great head gear.


Nutcase Dots

This helmet has a little more traditional helmet style but also makes you easy to spot! Hahahahahah! Get it? SPOT!


Casco Helmet

Casco Helmet
Well hello Captain America! You biking to meet the other Avengers? If you’re going to play it safe, you may as well look cool while you do it.


Bern Women’s Prescott

This waspish helmet takes the traditional cycling head gear and times the style and sleek factor by 10. Whether the shape is aerodynamic or just to look awesome with it’s popping purple visor this helmet will look great when you’re pedalling down the street.


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