Funny how the Taylor Swift/Calvin Harris breakup looked like such a friendly break-up at first. Not any more!

Calvin didn’t react too well on social media to the news that Taylor had already met Tom Hiddleston’s mom but now it’s gotten just plain mean.

A People Magazine article had Taylors rep confirming a rumour that Rihanna and Calvin Harris’ song ‘This is What You Came For’ was written by none other than Swift herself.

Taylor Swift could prohibit Calvin Harris from performing the song

Harris jumped right on Twitter to talk about it.

Fist he acknowledges that rumour is true

Though he makes sure she’s not given ALL the credit

And then it all goes nasty

Anyone else feel like the only person who is making a big deal out of this is Calvin himself? Because we haven’t heard a word negative about him from Taylor’s camp, beyond her rep confirming that she did write the track. The rest was all rumour and “unnamed sources.”

TMZ even points out that Taylor could prohibit Calvin from performing the song but doesn’t plan to.

Calvin, on the other hand, did yank permission to perform a song he wrote with then-girflriend Rita Ora when they broke up. Nice, eh?

Here is the official video for “This Is What You Came For”

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