He may be dealing with a some relationship drama with former flame Selena Gomez but Justin Beiber didn’t let that stop him from finding some puppy love (talking about an actual puppy, the best kind of love).

The 22-year old singer took to Instagram today to share a photo of his new pride and joy, “Todd”.

My new little fluff ball Todd

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Looks like a Chow Chow, but does it really matter what breed it is? It’s a dog, it’s adorable….obviously!

Reason #134 why we love Justin Bieber, he’s a dog lover. Todd joins a long list of other dogs owned by JB including Esther (who joined Justin on the road this summer) and “Phil” just to name a few. He’s killin’ it in the naming department.

Yeezy season 2

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Can't make Esther too jealous

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Justin, call me if you need a dog sitter!

photos via abc news, instagram

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