Free Coffee For You!

Usually “free” coffee mans some kind of water-downed swill that you sip on out of boredom while waiting for your car’s tires to get swapped out or that you choke down at work because you regrettably filled your mug with some bitter, lukewarm, coffee-like drink. When KiSS 102.3 gives you free coffee, you can be sure it’s going to TASTE good and make you FEEL good, too!


We’re doing something new to help spread some positivity throughout Winnipeg. Starting today, and going forward for many Mondays to come, Karly (KiSS Evening and Weekend announcer extraordinaire) will be set up at Tim Horton’s throughout Winnipeg. She’ll be at the Drive Thru window from 2-4 giving $2.00 Tim’s Gift Cards to the first 50 people. You can use the card to cover your coffee, but you’ll also get a SECOND gift card to give to someone else.

Share The Wealth

Pass the second gift card along to someone whose day you want to brighten! It’s an easy way to share some positivity (and nourishing coffee) with whoever you think can use it! Make sure to snap a photo and tag it with #GOTKISSED1023 so we can see how many peoples days you are helping to brighten!

Pay It Forward

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a pay it forward? What did you get, and did you keep it going?

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