You meet someone at a bar, you buy them a drink. Maybe have a chat, maybe not. After that nothing comes of it, you just move on right?


Usually yes! Its awkward and it sucks when you meet someone that you’d like to get to know but they don’t reciprocate. Yeah sure, you’re out a few bucks but you tried, it didn’t work out so you continue on.


Not this guy.  His name is Liam Vipers. He’s from the UK and he met Abby Fenton at a pub and bought her a drink. They chatted, she gave him her phone number, she thanked him for the drink and moved on for the night with her friends. A few weeks passed and I guess Liam wasn’t pleased with how things were left. Wait…he wasn’t happy? He had HER phone number.


If he wanted to talk he should have called or sent a text. Regardless, because of his dissatisfaction he sent her this text



Abby chatted with website LAD Bible, and had this to say…“He came up to me and he seemed okay. Then he offered to buy me a drink so I accepted then walked off to join my friends.” The most important question here is…


Should she pay him back or has this guy reached a new low??

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