FINALLY!! Summer TV has ended and the fall TV season is here!


My goal is to make your TV viewing habits as easy as possible (aside from me coming to your house to set your PVR) this is a break down of What’s On! Starting Monday September 19th!! Below is a list of all shows that have their season or series premieres tonight and that will continue to air on Monday nights!


The Voice (7p, NBC –  season 11 premiere)

The addition of Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys has peaked my interest in season 11! They join Voice mainstays Adam and Blake in the red spiny chairs!


Gotham (7p, FOX – season 3 premiere)

VERY much looking forward to what might and WILL happen in season 3!!


The Big Bang Theory (7p, CBS – season 10 premiere)

I should be a fan of this show (I know a lot of people are) but I’ve never been able to stay loyal to it. Season 10 starts tonight!


Kevin Can Wait (7:30p, CBS – series premiere)

The king of Queens…wait no, but basically the same show. People seem LOVE Kevin James.


Lucifer (8p, FOX – season 2 premiere)

Is this show good? I’ve never seen it.


The Good Place (NBC, 9pm – series premiere)

You had me at Kristen Bell…This show made a list of “Ones to watch” for fall 2016!!


There will obviously be some mid-season additions to this list and next week (September 26th) is the first Presidential debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump which means most American networks will more than likely air that instead of their shows…but we’ll keep you posted!


The good people over at put together this handy schedule to help you plan your viewing habits!

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