FINALLY….It’s FALL TV premiere week!


My goal is to make your TV viewing habits as easy as possible (aside from me coming to your house to set your PVR) this is a break down of What’s On! Below is a list of all shows that have their season or series premieres Tuesday September 20th and that will continue to air on Tuesday nights!


NCIS (CBS, 7pm)

No promo available but this is the shows 15th season (YES…FIFTEENTH!!!) so I’m guessing if you watch it, you know what it’s about!


The Voice (NBC, 7pm night 2)

I love this show but always fall out of watching it before the live shows…Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys have peaked my interest!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX,7pm)

I’ve only seen a few episodes of season 1 but this show is one everyone seems to love!


New Girl (FOX, 7:30pm)

I miss watching this show, I fell off from watching back in season 3 or 4…One day I’ll catch up


Bull (CBS, 8pm)

I’ve read that this show is one to miss…but if you’re into legal procedural’s this might be for you!


Scream Queens (FOX, 8pm)

YES!!!! Season 1 was so cheesy and over the top which is what made me love it….season 2 should be just as over the top. Can’t wait!


NCIS New Orleans (CBS, 9pm)

Not my cup of tea but it’s into season 3 so I’m guessing people like it!


This is Us (NBC, 9pm)

This is the show EVERYONE is talking about. I expect it to be a smash hit assuming its as good as the trailer makes it look!


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Ghost Rider (ABC, 9pm)

Season 4 of SHIELD should be very different from the last 2 seasons…its moved to a new time so it might get a little more gritty…which isn’t a bad thing!



Here’s a handy TV Schedule from the fine people at

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