What are YOU doing on Saturday?

Oak Hammock Marsh gets tens of thousands of visitors this time of year every single day! These visitors are actually of the feathered variety (so don’t worry, the bathroom lines won’t be atrociously long when you visit). That’s because right now we are in migration season. Birds need a good spot to chow down and get some rest before they make the big trip south. In fact, of the 300 bird varieties across Canada, you’ll find 3/4 of these species at Oak Hammock Marsh this time of year. There’s always interesting things happening at the marsh, but during migration season, the marsh is at its most active. And you can be part of the fun.

Release The Birds

Migration season is a perfect time for Oak Hammock Marsh to do some important research. Oak Hammock Marsh has a bird banding program. It’s called Bird In The Hand and gives you a one-of-a-kind experience. On Saturday morning, the final Bird In The Hand event is happening. You can bring your family down to the marsh and help researchers band songbirds. The birds are safely captured in a system of netting, banded, their data is recorded and then released back to the wild. The best part is YOU could be the person releasing the birds! You can gently hold a bird in your cupped hands, open them, and watch as the bird flies away to continue its journey south for the winter.

A Bird In The Hand
 Saturday, Sept 24
 Oak Hammock Marsh
Registration: Click here.

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