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Did you stay up late to watch the US election coverage yesterday? Were you let down by the result? If you were, here is a collection of five things to help yo feel better!

Number 1: This Dog Can Dance To Ciara

Number 2: Dad Jokes Are Still Lame/Funny

Did you hear about the guy who invented Lifesavers? They say he made a MINT!!!


Number 3: Dragonfly Babies Are Weird

Did you know Dragon fly “babies” spend most of their life as larva living in water? They “swim” by opening their mouths, pushing water through their bodies and expelling it out their rear. They essential use their butt as a propeller.

A mature dragonfly studied at Oak Hammock Marsh.
A mature dragonfly studied at Oak Hammock Marsh.

Number 4: There’s A New Pirates Movie And It Looks Pretty Good

Sometimes you need a good popcorn flick to take your mind off of things. Pirates of the Caribbean 5 brings back Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom and sails into theatres May 26.

Number 5: Christmas is coming!

At the time of writing this there were 45 days, 14 hours and 49 minutes until Christmas. Hopefully  you’ll get some good presents, eat some good food, and spend some time with family! Note, depending on your family this may or may not cheer you up. If this doesn’t cheer you up, here’s a funny Calvin and Hobbes comic.

Bill Watterson
Bill Watterson


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