Last weekend sucked with the loss of Adam West at the age of 88.


The actor passed away after a battle with cancer. For some, this is the Batman they grew up with. I wasn’t born until 1983, YEARS after the 1960’s TV show and movie were released…but I gravitated to it. I’ve probably watched the Adam West Batman movie over 100 times and still own a copy of this movie today!


via Tenor
via Tenor


While the character has grown and changed over the years Adam West will remain one of, if not the best Batman. Yes it was campy but seriously so much fun!




Last night the actor was honored in Los Angeles when thousands of people showed up to pay tribute to the actor. L.A City Hall lit up the building with a Bat Signal…and it was perfect. The best way to pay tribute to a man who brought the Batman Character to life! Rest easy Mr. West!


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