Saturday, July 1, marks the 150th anniversary of the formation of Canada – and easily one of the country’s most popular fast food chains is determined to celebrate it with an absolute bang.
In order to help their neighbors to the south celebrate the milestone, Canada’s most famous coffee chain is offering something very special and incredibly Canadian to be enjoyed on the day.
Tim Hortons has revealed that it is releasing a line of Canadian-inspired products to be made available on July 1 at select restaurants across the US, including a poutine donut. Yeah, you read that correctly, a Poutine Donut.

What does a Poutine Donut consist of? It’s simple really, Tim Hortons’ new wedges smothered with gravy and cheese curd, place on top of a honey glazed donut. So it’s super healthy (sarcasm font) but incredibly yummy sounding. And if that doesn’t sound appetizing, they’ re also featuring the Maple Bacon Iced Capp and Maple Timbits.

tim hortons 2

Unfortunately if you want to try one of these tasty items, you’ll have to head south of the border to do so because they’re only available in the US…for now! – Karly

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