It’s safe to say we know the answer to this…but the sake of a fun article; Who do you take more pictures of?  Your spouse or your dog?


A new study done by the people over at Rover shows that 65% of dog owners take more pictures of their dog than their significant other.  I mean, of course!


50% of those asked also said it was harder to leave their dog for a week than their human counterpart.  Have you ever tried to talk to your dog on face time? Seriously its the most difficult thing…They have no idea what’s happening and you just want them to acknowledge you!!



ANNNNNNDDDDDDD 56% of people say they greet their dog before their family. But lets be real, its because your dog is clearly more happy to see you then anyone else. Its the best feeling in the world when the dog comes running to greet you!


Also, let’s be honest, your dog is gonna get WAY more likes on Instagram!


Here’s my a few more of my dog!



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