Everything about Meghan Markle‘s life is about to change, including her title.

After the wedding her status will go from “Commoner” to “Royal”. There’s also going to be a change in her name!

She’ll go from being Ms. Rachel Meghan Markle to The First Duchess of Sussex Rachel Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor.

Fun fact, when Meghan signs any important document, she can use just her first name, “Meghan”. Royals don’t need to have their last name in their signature. Prince Harry does the same, he signs with his first name only.

Find your royal title with this fun random name generator!

Find the first letter in your first name, that’ll be your royal first name: 

A: Alastair/Anne

B: Benedict/Beatrix

C: Carlisle/Catherine

D: Daylen/Daphne

E: Edward/Eugenie

F: Frederick/Florence

G: George/Gwendolyn

H: Harry/Hermione

I: Irwin/Imogen

J: James/Juliette

K: Kerwin/Kinsey

L: Langdon/Leighton

M: Mervyn/Marigold

N: Nicholas/Nora

O: Osmond/Ophelia

P: Philip/Pandora

Q: Quincy/Qiana

R: Ridgewell/Rosalyn

S: Sheffield /Scarlett

T: Thomas/Tilda

U: Upton/Ursula

V: Vincent/Violet

W: Wadsworth/Willa

X: Xavier/Xenia

Y: Yardley/Yasmine

Z: Zayden/Zara


Find your surname with the first letter in your last name:

A: Arathorn

B: Bainbridge II

C: Calhoun

D: Devonte

E: Ethelbert

F: Fairbanks

G: Grafton

H: Huxley IV

I: Iverson

J: Jennison

K: Kingston VIII

L: Lawton

M: Mansfield

N: Needingham

O: Oswald II

P: Phineas

Q: Quinsley

R: Remington III

S: Sheffield

T: Thorndike II

U: Umbridge

V: Viscounte

W: Winthrop V

X: Xonuds

Y: Yarnell

Z: Zillowsby IV


Find your royal title with your birth month:

January: Emperor/ Empress

February: Grand Prince/Grand Princess

March: Sir/Dame

April: Duke/Duchess

May: Baron/Baroness

June: King/Queen

July: Grand Duke/Grand Duchess

August: Archduke/Archduchess

September: Lord/Lady

October: High King/High Queen

November: Prince/Princess

December: Count/Countess


Find the area you rule with the day of birth:

1: of Albermarle

2: of Clarence

3: of Avondale

4: of St. Andrews

5: of Connaught

6: of Strathearn

7: of Cumberland

8: of Gloucester

9: of Edinburgh

10: of Hereford

11: of Kendal

12: of Kent

13: of Kintyre

14: of Lorne

15: of Ross

16: of Sussex

17: of Windsor

18: of York

19: of Albany

20: of Bedford

21: of Norfolk

22: of Somerset

23: of Teviotdale

24 of Cornwall

25: of Rothesay

26: of Bridgewater

27: of Montagu

28: of Leinster

29: of Wellington

30: of Inverness

31: of Westminster


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