Dyson is a 5 year old Min-Pin who was a stray in Kansas and put into a high kill shelter when Manitoba Pug Rescue pulled him. He was a very scared little man until the rescue took him in. With patience, time and bribing with treats, he blossomed into a wonderful little man. He has claimed a pillow, bone and toy. He loves to explore. Once scared of the birds chirping, he now wants to chase birds, squirrels and bunnies. He is very dramatic. He will go from bounding and dancing to pouting in a split second. He is good with cats but very cautious of dogs. He is scared of big dogs but will warm up to them with time. Favourite treats are bananas, watermelon, pumpkin, red pepper, and snap peas. He is about 85% house trained. He gives the best hugs and is very loyal. He listens and has learned to obey some commands. For more information, contact Manitoba Pug Rescue online here or find visit their facebook page here.

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