Summer may be on its way out, but the good news is: apples, carrots, beets, leeks and tons more harvest-time produce is on its way in. Here are a few recipes starring these gorgeous fall ingredients to inspire you in the kitchen this month.



1. Beets

Beets are good most seasons, but their flavour peaks in the early fall. We love using a mix of yellow and red beets for our roasted beet salad. The fall colours are so fun, and the flavour is delicious. Get this roasted beet salad with tahini dressing recipe.

2. Beets

This beautifully hued, ultra-seasonal peach and beet salad can be whipped up in less than 5 minutes! Get this beet carpaccio recipe.

3. Beets

Put the potato latkes on the bench in favour of these vibrant 35-minute vegetable fritters! Made with grated beets and carrots, and topped with smoked salmon and caraway sour cream, they’re perfect for fall entertaining or weeknight meals. Get this beet latkes recipe.

4. Carrots

Use the entire carrot! Instead of throwing away the long, leafy stems — whirl them into a delicious pesto with garlic, walnuts, parmesan mint, lemon and olive oil. Serve overtop a rack of lamb and whole-roasted carrots. Get this roasted lamb and carrot pesto recipe.

5. Carrots

Bought more carrots than you can possibly use while they’re fresh? Save some bright orange or yellow stalks for a quick pickle. Enjoy them as a snack, on an antipasto platters, or as a side to a meal. Get this quick-pickled carrots recipe.

6. Carrots

Have a glut of fresh carrots in the garden? Bake them to a golden, caramelized finish in this sheet pan tofu dinner. Get this sesame tofu sheet pan recipe.

7. Leeks

Available starting in the fall, these alliums have a delicate onion flavour that lends itself well to rustic dinner tarts. For these savoury pastries, layer sautéed leeks and mushrooms overtop creamy Boursin cheese inside prepared rounds. Get this leek and pancetta galette recipe.

8. Leeks

Leek season means flavourful soups and pies! Use them in your mirepoix and the flavours that come through in this saucy chicken pot pie will delight you. Get this skillet pot pie recipe.

9. Leeks

Leeks’ subtle flavour is also perfect for creamy vegetable dips. Here we’ve sautéed these tender stalks with butter, and whirled them with sour cream, mayo and lemon in a food processor for an ultra-smooth dip. Get this creamy leek dip recipe.

10. Swiss chard

A bunch of market-fresh Swiss chard is a good source of fibre, and is loaded with vitamins A, C and K and iron. (It also adds a little bite to a creamy autumn risotto.) Top this dish with garlic shrimp and creamy goat cheese to finish. Get this swiss chard and garlic shrimp risotto recipe.

11. Mushrooms

On busy nights one-pan wonders — like this mushroom gratin — bring big flavours to the dinner table (and less mess!). Get this one-pan mushroom gratin recipe.

12. Apples

Did you pick up a bushel of apples at the farmer’s market or hit up an apple tree farm for an Instagram-worthy Sunday afternoon? Put those fruit to good use. These muffins, topped with a sugary crumble, can easily be frozen for treats later in the season. Get this apple muffins recipe.

13. Apples

A classic fall favourite for a reason, use tart apples like Granny Smiths, for your next crisp. Get this classic apple crisp recipe.

14. Plums

Plums will soften after they’re picked, but they won’t sweeten — so buying at peak season is the way to go. Try them in layered under a dense upside-down cake for your next weekend baking project. Get this financier plum cake recipe.

15. Plums

Enjoy this cozy plum cobbler while it’s still warm, topped with vanilla ice cream. Get this plum cobbler recipe.

16. Plums

Bought too many plums? We’re in the height of preserving season, so there’s no better time to whip those extra fruits into jams and chutneys. Start with this plum and walnut chutney, you’ll be glad you did. Get this plum and walnut chutney recipe.

17. Blackberries

Berries are mostly on their way out of season — but if you’re seeing any wild ones hanging out on the market tables, or you froze them this summer — these waffles are a must try. (There are berries in the batter and the compote.) Get this blackberry waffles recipe.

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