Hello, my online friends please let me introduce myself to you…My name is Kenny and I am the new guy on KiSS 102.3 I will be hanging out with you weekdays from 2 to 7 and I can’t wait to chat! And after a few days in town I thought I should write down a few things so here goes ….


Well, it was interesting to say the least! Arriving in Winnipeg, from Vancouver, during a deep freeze was more fun than bad! I think, for the first time since I was about 18, I was able to honestly throw up my hands and say, “It is what it is. You can’t change the fact that its cold but, you can however, embrace it!” So for starters I added one more layer to my winter arsenal. Then I had planned for and added a neck warmer. (Which did the trick!) I learned my phone is not a fan of minus 35 and when you are on Portage and Main at 7pm on a Tuesday night trying to find the bus, a phone with the Winnipeg transit app is essential! But thanks to another weather warn bus passenger I discovered “If you just tuck your phone in your armpit for ten minutes it will turn back on!” And yep it did! So the Boss man at KiSS 102.3 said I was more than welcome to write down my thoughts and we could add them to this news letter. So I thought I would tell you three things that blew my mind about your city!


Number 1….Winnipeg is a friendly city for sure! I spent nearly 10 years in Vancouver and didn’t strike up conversations with random people at the gym like I did in the first 20 min of my time at the gym in Winnipeg, I guess my air drumming on the treadmill was the opening and was I surprised how a simple,”Hey man, what are you listening to?”  can spark a conversation.


Number 2…I found this cool, trendy little coffee shop and the barista asked me about my tshirt. Things like this did not happen in Vancouver. I have this James Brown tshirt and I have been proud of it for a long time and never has someone asked me about it till now. “Hey, you like James Brown?” “Ohhh Ya! I love James Brown” I felt like it was show and tell in grade 3. It’s amazing how a 52 second conversation about basically nothing can brighten up your morning rush!


Number 3… Winnipeg parents are the rock stars of Canada. Let me explain. Where I was living on the west coast getting 2 kids out the door and on the school bus for a parent was always a tough gig. Now add snow suits that job. It just went to the next level! Thankfully my kids are old enough that my wife and I don’t need to worry about this. However,  watching my friends wife prepare her 4 and 1 year old for the day was interesting to say the least! So a shout out to the Peg City moms and dads that gear themselves and the family up for a day in minus 35.


Thanks for reading and please call the show at 780-1023 and hit me up on twitter @kennyjones77 and Instagram @kjradio77…Talk to ya soon!