Talk about paying it forward! Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper have teamed up once again and this time, they’re donating $250,000 to fans ‘who are struggling during the pandemic.’


Justin tweeted, “Thanks for the love on Holy.  Chance and I are partnering with Cash App to give away a total of $250k today to those affected by these hard times.  Tell us your story if you feel like sharing.”



In the earlier stages of the pandemic while COVID-19 continued to spread throughout China, and at the time, more than 43,000 people globally were infected, with more than 1,300 deaths.  In an Instagram video, Justin sent love to China, and made a donation to support, “I know it’s a very scary time in your country right now, but my prayers and support go out to you guys,” he says in the video.



Watch the music video for ‘Holy’ below.


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