Celebrations Dinner Theatre: Old Time Rock N Roll


Sep 2 - Nov 15


Celebrations Dinner Theatre,




Just take those old records off the shelf. That’s what Kevin Stevens is doing.

You see, Mr. and Mrs. Stevens are finally selling the family home. When their son Kevin comes to help them clean out the clutter in the basement, he stumbles upon their stash of old records that have been collecting dust for decades. Let the nostalgia trip begin! Come and jump back in time with Kevin to that by gone age when TV’s were a huge piece of furniture that sat on the floor, and phones were olive green and hung on the wall! All the greatest records, containing all the greatest songs are in that basement just waiting for us to let them spin again.


Celebrations Dinner Theatre presents Old Time Rock and Roll… a trip back through the wonder years on now till November 15th!

Enjoy a great evening out, all while staying completely safe. Click here for more details

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